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About Us

Habeha Eco Trading PLC

is going to be a new or renovated and restructured private limited company (PLC) that is designed and operated in an environmental friendly and energy-efficient manner. Habeha Eco Trading Company is a national multi-faceted engineering service provision based organization that promotes "the creation of a sustainable environment across the country through engineering industry.” The founder and owner of Habeha Eco Trading believes that Green Engineering will be a potential arena to provide a comprehensive and userfriendly method of serving customers using unique engineering service operations, refurbished technologies, new builds, and events with points in each of the various green environmental categories. The company was founded seven years ago as a freelancer and sole proprietorship business, but it has since evolved to Eco Trading Private Limited Company under Ethiopian commercial law and will be incorporated as Habeha Eco Trading - Engineering, Consultancy, and Training PLC at the end of 2022. This company is a specialized engineering, technology, and management firm that is proficient in undertaking engineering, consultancy, and training activities in the area of engineering business management and development services in Ethiopia.

Habeha Eco Trading PLC is a solar energy company based in Ethiopia


Flexible and dynamic company operations powered by professional competence and experience in engineering technology as powerful solutions for a changing social and industrial environment and as a means to satisfy all the requirements of a continuously evolving social and industrial world, from recognitions to innovative solutions

MOTTO - "working for a bright future"


The value proposition of Habeha Eco Trading Plc is more than just the high-quality social engineering services that it offers at an affordable price. It goes beyond Habeha’s strong commitment to providing socially changing services, customer service, engineering and technology involvements and personal experience for local communities. It is believed that customers will develop the feeling of being able to stand up for what’s right and being part of a continuous solution —one social challenge solution at a time.

Habeha Eco Trading PLC is a solar energy company based in Ethiopia
Habeha Eco Trading PLC is a solar energy company based in Ethiopia


Sustained social intervention through engineering and leadership by continuously transforming tech business


Habeha Eco Trading plc is situated to nurture social values and environmental preservation while striving to achieve its engineering services business and project objectives which are: social involvement, engineering support, business operations enhancement, widening the base of targeted society, customers, and profitability of the business enterprise, and focusing on the fulfilment of project objectives to make it a joy for all. Apart from this Habeha Eco Trading plc has the following missions:

  • Carry out a unique, vigorous, and wonderful provision of social intervention through engineering and technology experience from an environmentally sustainable products and services business location.


  • Establish strong community ties using its engineers, technologies, and workers from honored and respected local and international organizations.

  • Undertake tech businesses while at the same time empowering engineers in the private, public, and NGO sectors through building their competencies so that more social businesses are created and proactively managed.


Habeha Eco Trading plc will be engaged in three major areas: services, consultancy and training. Under each category, the company aims to attain the following goals:

  • Save the lives of millions of people through providing social interferences by engineering solutions - solar home systems, mini-grids and solar lanterns.

  • Participate in providing Renewable Energy Solutions including bioenergy, wind, hydropower and other renewable energy resources (Solar photovoltaic devices, or solar cells, change sunlight) as well as Non-hydro renewables.

  • Achieve a business excellence that focuses on continuous improvement in processes, quality and R&D development in providing sustainable energy solutions.


Habeha Eco Trading plc is a social intervention mechanism through engineering and technology service and consulting firm that pursues professional excellence by providing genuine and high-quality services while adhering to professional ethics. In general its values are the principles that guide and shape its behaviour, and they’re the start and end points for everything it does as a business.


We do have accumulated brand equity with our identified trade name, trade mark, and service and product brand names, as well as our business motto.

  • Principal Registration Number: AR/AA/2/0009491/2015

  • Business License Number: AR/AA/14/670/4177241/2015

  • Tax Identification Number (TIN): 0081321425


  • Service and product brand name and mark: Habeha®

Habeha Eco Trading PLC is a solar energy company based in Ethiopia


Currently, Habeha Eco Trading plc comprising one principal consultant, one senior engineering consultant, two technology consultants, and three support staff. Moreover, there are more than ten outsourced professionals who have been trained to use our various consulting and training packages and have been working for us based on call-off contracts regularly. As a result, it provides high-quality customized services, primarily in the private sector and in development project initiatives, through its dependable professionals and the various technical tools it has acquired. What is more, the management team is well qualified, with extensive financial and engineering product experience and capabilities. This is to notify you that there will be more emphasis on the core management team as well as any outside advisors that have a role in the technology, engineering, and management of the business. This is because the human element can be the most critical aspect of a business venture in eco-trading and marketing.

Habeha Eco Trading PLC is a solar energy company based in Ethiopia
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